BracketBot: January 29, 2019

Seed List:

1: Duke, Virginia, Michigan State, Michigan
2: Gonzaga, Tennessee, Kansas, Kentucky
3: North Carolina, Purdue, Houston, Nevada
4: Virginia Tech, Texas Tech, Louisville, Marquette
5: Iowa State, LSU, Villanova, Cincinnati
6: Maryland, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Mississippi State
7: Buffalo, TCU, Florida State, Kansas State
8: Auburn, Syracuse, Baylor, Iowa
9: Nebraska, Ohio State, Washington, UCF
10: Texas, Ole Miss, Minnesota, Arizona State
11: NC State, St John’s, Alabama, Indiana, Creighton, San Francisco
12: VCU, Wofford, New Mexico State, Lipscomb
13: Hofstra, Murray State, Drake, Vermont
14: Old Dominion, Yale, N Kentucky, UC Irvine
15: Texas State, South Dakota State, Montana, Radford
16: Bucknell, Abilene Christian, Rider, Texas Southern, Sacred Heart, NC A&T

Two new teams in the bracket this time. I mentioned in the previous update on Sunday that both Seton Hall and Temple moved into the bracket despite not having played since the update before… they both immediately lost on Sunday, dropping straight back out. One of the teams replacing them is one who had fallen out on Sunday, that being San Francisco. The Dons’ résumé doesn’t really look any better, the line for bubble inclusion just keeps dropping. The other new team is Creighton, who did the job of knocking Butler out of the bracket on Saturday, and now get back in for themselves.

Last Four Byes: Minnesota, Arizona State, NC State, St John’s
Last Four In: Alabama, Indiana, Creighton, San Francisco
First Four Out: Temple, Florida, Butler, Arizona
Next Four Out: Toledo, Seton Hall, Utah State, Oregon

Bids by conference:
Big Ten 10, Big XII/ACC 8, SEC 7, Big East 4, AAC 3, Pac-12/WCC 2

Full bracket: Too many Big Ten teams in the 1/8/9 lines, so Ohio State was moved down to a 10, replaced by Texas as a 9. There’s some other funkiness going on as normally Duke and Virginia Tech shouldn’t be placed in the same region, but I was also trying to balance Louisville not being allowed to be placed in the South Region since they’re hosting it this year.

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